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End to Fossil Fuels Subsidies

On November 10, 2010 Toronto Climate Campaign joined with other organizations in Climate Action Network to endorse an open letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. It calls on the Government of Canada to end tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuel industries. By continuing to contribute to the growth of these industries Canada is failing to address climate change and to invest in a clean energy future for Canadians. To view the letter go to:


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There are three people that need to hear from you about how you want the government to end these hand-outs to big oil

Prime Minister Harper - dial (866) 599-4999 and ask to be transfered to the Prime Ministers office

Minister Flaherty - dial (866) 599-4999 and ask to be transfered to the Minister of Finance's office (Hon. Jim Flaherty)

Your Member of Parliament - dial (866) 599-4999 and ask to be transfered to your Member of Parliament's office

Find some helpful facts here.



From Cameron Fenton (CYCC Director) for The Media Co-op

Info-Graphic: Parts Per Billion: Big Oil gets subsidized while environmental monitoring is gutted

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