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What to Expect in Durban and Why it Matters...

COP-17 Debrief from York University

Great Lakes United Issue Briefings

A Question of Boundaries: Is Soil Erosion a Carbon Source or Sink?

The Science of Global Warming: A scientific perspective based on the work of climatologist Dr. James Hansen

Climate Policy in Canada: Snow Boots on the Ground.

Occupy Activist Conference

Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Function. Will climate change matter to microbes?

Education in the Context offer social-economic paradigm

Avoiding Activist Burnout Workshop

The World We Want -- Changing the Way We Think

From Chernobyl to Fukushima - A Campaigner's Journey

Rates of Deglaciation: How Melting Drives Ice Sheet Flows' Work?

Climate Change and Human Health: What does Céline Dion have to say about that?

Children's Health and the Environment: How Community Design can make a difference

Grassroots Financial Management 101

Food, Feed, and Fuel from Crops under Global Atmospheric Change: Can We Have it All?

Monthly meeting of Green Neighbours 21

Stop Canada's Environmental Injustice: A Conversation Among movement activists.

Canadian Organic Growers Conference

Military Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aerosol Impacts on Climate and Biogeochemistry

Great Meeting Facilitation Workshop

Screening of Sisters on the Planet

But, It's a Dry Heat…: Climate Warming, the Oceans, and Drought in Southwestern North America

From Chernobyl to Fukushima - A Campaigner's Journey: ? Energy Autonomy: The Fourth Revolution.

Anti-nuke Teach-in

Climate Change, Hydrology, and Aquatic Biodiversity

Screenings: World premiere of Dead Wrong

Green Choices for Faith Communities! Green Awakening Network/Greening Sacred Spaces 4th Annual Forum.

Oceans, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Climate: Novel Processes at the Air-Sea Interface

Green Living Show

Screening of How to Boil a Frog.

The Cure for Climate Trauma

Meeting on National Energy Strategy

Let's get too connected to fail: Networking, Training and Strategy Sessions

Climate Change Education for All Citizens

David Miller on Climate Change at Trinity-St. Paul's

Town Hall Meeting on Climate Change

2012 IRIS Research Showcase: Transcending Interdisciplinary Research Barriers

New Research in Sustainable Energy

Global Warming -- Fact or Fiction? Presentation From 2 Experts On Climate Change

University of Toronto Centre for Environment Research Day

A Fast and Vigil for Climate Justice

Tar Sands Come to Ontario, Nov. 17

Maude Barlow launches "Great Lakes Need Great Friends" tour

A Plan to Power 100 Percent of the Planet with Renewables

Spending Wisely: The Case for Renewables

COP18 in Doha, Qatar

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