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Get Involved

Toronto Climate Campaign


Climate Change Legislation

Help get the word out about climate change legislation locally, provincially, federally.  To read more, click here


Help organize in the lead up, and on the day of, our events. To find out how, drop us a line here.

Spread The Word

Help us flyer and poster neighborhoods and events, blog and send e-mail outreach.


Make banners and crafts for our next big event.

Offer Feedback

Contact us here.


The arrangements, permit fees, photocopies of fliers and posters, sound equipment rentals, van rental, placard materials and printing, pay duty officer support, and numerous other costs of mobilizing public action can add up pretty fast. If you, your company, union, organization or association would like to help us to offset our costs with general sponsorship or a donation, please contact us to discuss how.

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